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Jay Pic Web aboutRusty Crutcher is the founder of Emerald Green Sound Productions and has been widely recognized domestically and internationally with his 9 CDs and soundtracks. He’s a multi-instrumentalist, and his main solo instrument is the saxophone. His style is a fusion of different musical genres from jazz to classical, from ambient to world music. His love of many different styles and genres of music has had a distinct effect on his creating diverse music.

Scored NOAA film. Go to Services, scores/sync to view more

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“Friday Latino Live” gig rocked

Thanks to Freddy Peralta (KY Trade Computers) for making “Friday Latino Live” happen in Downtown Lexington KY!...

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The Muse in Sacred Places

I’d like to suggest a dialogue on “Sacred Places;” what makes a place sacred? T...

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Emerald Green Sound Productions

The color green is most often associated with vibrancy, life force, growth, purification, healing, and vitality.  At “Emerald Green Sound” we focus on these qualities in music, and strive to bring you the finest recordings available; music that uplifts; disengages the busy mind;  invigorates creativity, enhances integration; and stimulates  the awareness of innate wholeness.

Sacred Sites Series and Quiet Music

Music, like a pilgrimage to a sacred site, can help us remember in the deepest sense that all beings are sacred and indeed all spaces in form and formless are sacred.Our intersection with the formless is my goal for this music.

Smooth Jazz Series

Upbeat Jazz with melodic funky grooves. The heart is still there but so is the grease. emeraldsoundlogo
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