Lee Underwood Review

Hey, Rusty,

Was dazzled right from the first track on. Love the sound of your tenor saxophone (which you were not playing when we were back in Santa Fe, if I recall correctly — just the alto, yes?). Great passion in every note; wonderfully lyrical solos. Also, terrific band you assembled. Every track, it seems to me, is worthy of extensive radio play. Lovely, sensitive, melodic music, with great imagination and technical expertise by you and all of your assembled musicians. Way to go, guy! And many, many thanks for sending.

All the very best,

Lee Underwood.

Lee Underwood is an American musician and writer notable for performing on lead guitar with Tim Buckley for most of Buckley’s career. Throughout the 70s and 80s, Underwood became an internationally well-known music journalist. He contributed interviews, essays, and record reviews to various notable periodicals such as Down Beat, Rolling Stone, Los Angeles Times. He served as the west coast editor of Down Beat[1] from 1975 to 1981.

He wrote and published Blue Melody:Tim Buckley Remembered in 2002, cited by Uncut music magazine as one of the year’s ten best biographies. Earlier, in 1990, he co-authored jazz flautist Paul Horn‘s autobiography, for which he received the Crystal Award for Music Journalism from the New Age Music network.

Underwood’s most recent book is Timewinds, a book of poetry published by Poetic Matrix Press in 2010. His site at leeunderwood.net includes several essays on music and musicians (including Tim Buckley), essays on philosophical issues, audio readings of many of his poems, and a full-length book of wisdom-word e-mails written to a host of recipients, entitled Diamonds in the Sky.

As a musician himself, Underwood has recorded three CDs – California Sigh (1988), a solo guitar work produced by synthesist Steve Roach; Phantom Light (2003), a solo acoustic piano recording; and Gathering Light, also a solo acoustic piano work, recorded in 2009.

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