Recording Romances Latinos

js800_Rusty Crutcher

Producing Romances Latinos

To say Romances Latinos was a work of love is an understatement. I actually started choosing the music and working on the arrangements in 2002. Wow, that’s hard to believe. Needless to say there were many stop and goes during the progress leading to the release date of April 1st, 2015! I had just started my academic journey, mom passed away, and went through a very tough divorce to say the least.

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The color green is most often associated with vibrancy, life force, growth, purification, healing, and vitality.  At “Emerald Green Sound” we focus on these qualities in music, and strive to bring you the finest recordings available; music that uplifts; disengages the busy mind;  invigorates creativity, enhances integration; and stimulates  the awareness of innate wholeness.

Sacred Sites Series and Quiet Music

Music, like a pilgrimage to a sacred site, can help us remember in the deepest sense that all beings are sacred and indeed all spaces in form and formless are sacred.Our intersection with the formless is my goal for this music.

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Upbeat Jazz with melodic funky grooves. The heart is still there but so is the grease. emeraldsoundlogo
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