Rusty is available as a music producer or session player, sound designer, or orchestrator live from his remote studio in Lexington, KY. You can direct the session yourself in real-time over video or voice conference (Skype, phone, etc) from just about anywhere in the world. Or you can just provide the sheet music or even just a rough concept of what you’re looking for musically and simply let him improvise his own ideas to suit your compositional needs. Rusty will work with you to achieve the performance and sound that you’re looking for. Once the recording session is finished, you’ll receive all of the raw, uncut, full-fidelity digital audio files via dropbox, delivered directly from his studio. And you’ll own full copyright to all of the session recordings, yours alone to use in any way that you wish, completely royalty free. Call for more information.

Emerald Green Sound Productions

The color green is most often associated with vibrancy, life force, growth, purification, healing, and vitality.  At “Emerald Green Sound” we focus on these qualities in music, and strive to bring you the finest recordings available; music that uplifts; disengages the busy mind;  invigorates creativity, enhances integration; and stimulates  the awareness of innate wholeness.

Sacred Sites Series and Quiet Music

Music, like a pilgrimage to a sacred site, can help us remember in the deepest sense that all beings are sacred and indeed all spaces in form and formless are sacred.Our intersection with the formless is my goal for this music.

Smooth Jazz Series

Upbeat Jazz with melodic funky grooves. The heart is still there but so is the grease. emeraldsoundlogo
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